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July 9th, 2014

love-heals1We are now full steam ahead on Social Media! Like us on our Face Book  fan page @Dr. John Gonino, Follow us on Twitter @DrJohnGonino , and Pin us on Pinterest

We appreciate all the feedback on our social media sites and love the interaction forums like these create to spread knowledge of health and healing! We are posting original content articles in the NOTES section on our face book page, Pinning recipes organized into different lifestyle types i.e. Candida Free, Gluten Free, Thyroid Friendly etc. Sharing news on what we believe, stand for, promote, and of course, posting inspirational messages throughout the day to keep you focused on what’s important and to hopefully, give you a smile. We hope you love what we are doing and we will see you online!!

Love Heals


July 6th, 2011

Last Friday, just before the Fourth of July weekend, Senator Dick Durbin (D, Illinois) introduced legislation, the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act, which would create an entirely new set of regulations and restrictions for supplement manufacture and sale. Senator Durbin has long been a strong supporter of the drug industry, a persistent enemy of nutritional supplements, and a friend of the FDA in its endless attempts to restrict supplement availability.


In typical fashion, Senator Durbin’s office waited until the Friday before a major holiday, hoping to get the legislation moving through the Senate without any awareness in the media or among groups advocating for freedom of choice in health care and the continued protection of supplement availability.  However, the Alliance for Natural Health USA learned of the impending bill, and the attempts to keep the legislation quiet have failed.


You can read about the legislation at the Alliance for Natural Health USA website:


Though as always, the legislation claims to “protect us,” it will give the FDA unneeded further authority to oversee and restrict supplement development and sale.  The FDA already has all the power it needs to investigate harmful supplements and restrict their availability.  It does not need more power or regulations in this regard.


This bill needs to be stopped.  We suggest you contact your Senators and express your strong opposition to this legislation.  Public outcry has derailed many similar pieces of legislation in the past, like the onerous anti-supplement bill sponsored by Senator McCain and announced with great fanfare at a press conference a year ago.


Express your opinion that the FDA requires no new regulations or authority to “protect us” from ourselves or from the dangers of supplements - which objective scientific reviews have clearly shown to be remarkably and consistently safe.


Letters to your Senators do make a difference.  Please write, and help us protect your freedom of choice in health care.  You can reach your Senators by clicking here:


Brittany - Certified Essential Oils Specialist

August 10th, 2010

Essential oils are some of the oldest and most powerful therapeutic agents known. They have a long history of use in healing throughout the ancient world. The chemical structure of an essential oil is such that it can rapidly penetrate cell membranes, travel throughtout the blood and tissues, and enhance cellular function. Essential oils are some of the most powerful inhibitors of microbes known, and as such are an important new weapon in combating many types of tissue infections.


Raindrop therapy uses nine essential oils to detoxify the spine. A growing amount of scientific research shows that certain microorganisms lodge near the spinal cord and contribute to deformities and diseases. Raindrop therapy is also helpful for relaxation, emotional release, tissue cleansing, and help with spinal misalignments. Since its formal adoption in 1989, Raindrop therapy has received an enormous amount of praise from users all over the world. It is an important and vital part of natural healing.

We provide customized treatment plans for the following:
*Chronic Back Pain
*Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
*Chronic Headaches

Gonino Center for Healing is proud to offer Essential oils and Raindrop Therapy to our patients.

Dr. Gonino will be on know the Cause TV Show

March 23rd, 2007

Dr. Gonino will be on Know the Cause television show, which airs on The Liberty Channel March 29th. Dont miss it on Direct TV at 9:00 AM or on Dish Network, channel 223 at 5:00 PM.

Letter from Dr. Gonino

May 8th, 2006

Hello everyone and welcome to our website. I had the opportunity to attend the spring American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) conference held here in Dallas last week. Some new information was presented on the topics of Lyme Disease, cancer, vitamin C, and chronic prostatitis among others. I found the information regarding Vitamin C and cancer as well as the chronic prostatitis the most clinically applicable for our practice. The vitamin C and cancer research was presented by Mark Levine, 0.D., Harvard University Medical School graduate who did his internal medicine residency and endocrinology fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital. He now is section chief of Molecular and Clinical Nutrition at the National Institute of Health (NIH). Highlights from his lecture include the following: 1) When taken orally the maximum amount of vitamin C the body can absorb is between 200 and 250 mg per day. Excess amounts are excreted in the urine. You may hear me at times recommend up to 4000 mg per day. This will primarily for people who are constipated and want something natural to treat their constipation with. 2) Obviously when Vitamin C is given i.v., you achieve 100% absorption / bioavailability. Daily the concentrations that can be achieved via the i.v. route are useful in killing cancer. 3) Dr. Levine research initially tested vitamin C against various types of cancers in the laboratory. Kidney and breast cancer cells were killed rather easily. The results were not as promising with colon cancer. 4) Cancer cells and normal cells die by a process called apoptosis or “programmed cell death”. The vitamin C worked so good against the kidney and breast cancer cells that they died by pyknosis; they just shriveled up, sort of like a grape that has all the fluid sucked out of it forms a raisin. 5) A study testing vitamin C against lymphoma cancer cells showed that as the extra cellular concentration of vitamin C was increased, more and more cancer cells died. Importantly, none of the 4 types of healthy normal cells were affected in the study, even at concentrations of 20 millimoles. 6) Similarly, cancer cells were killed when the study was repeated using between 10 and 250 micromolar concentrations of H2o2. 7) A case of a lady with B cell lymphoma was presented. The pathologist looked at her slides and determined the cell type to be very fast growing and predicted the patient would live one year or less. The patient chose not to do standard chemotherapy, opting instead for 10g of i.v. vitamin C weekly. She is alive and well to this date, 11 years later! Lastly, as you may know we offer i.v. vitamin C as well as others in our office. The utility of Vitamin C is against cancer, other i.v.’s are used in the cancer setting, as well as for atherosclerosis “clogged arteries”, and Candida overgrowth. This over growth is caused from antibiotics, steroids, birth control pills, eating sugar, etc. I hope that you enjoyed this article, I will bring some new information to the table in the near future. Dr. John Gonino

Coffee Good????

August 29th, 2005

Don’t believe it for a minute! On August 29, 2005 the Dallas Morning News published the results of some research showing that coffee has more anti-oxidant properties than other beverages. This may indeed be true. However, remember that anything that is stimulatory in the body, such as caffeine, nicotine, sugar, workaholism, up-regulates a hormone called adrenaline. Adrenaline is the most powerful oxidizing agent known to mankind. This is to say that this hormone helps a body age faster than any other factor. The best adrenaline down-regulators are meditation, prayer, yoga, and tai-chi. Cicero said, “If you want to live long, live slowly”. Bottom line - my recommendation is to drink water and get your daily anti-oxidants in fruits, vegetables and oral supplements.

God Bless You All,

Dr. Gonino

Mixing Government and Supplements?

August 14th, 2005

Currently, seven out of every ten Americans use nutritional supplements to support their health. Unfortunately, new legislation in the U.S. House of representatives (H.R.3156) threatens consumers’ access to these supplements, even though they are already regulated by the Food and Drug Administration under Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. The proposed bill would subject at least 70 percent of the supplements now available to Americans to stricter government oversight and would seriously threaten consumer access to this useful form of nutritional support. The unprecedented requirements of H.R. 3156 will undoubtedly translate into higher prices for these useful supplements unless consumers take action. Contact your Congressional representatives to let them know how you feel about this important issue. The National Nutritional Foods Association has sample letters that consumers can use or modify before e-mailing their Congressmen: Visit to make your voice heard. Consumer action has had an enormous impact on another area of natural health organic foods and beverages. Thanks to consumers who’re looking food produced without persistent, toxic chemicals, organic acreage in the U.S. has more than doubled since 1993. In the world of dwindling resources, organic agriculture procedures as much food per acre as conventional farming, while conserving soil quality, water, and biological resources with 30 percent less fossil fuel.

Dr. Gonino on Radio

May 1st, 2005

Dr. Gonino is on a monthly xm Radio talk show fielding questions from across the continental U.S. He is on station #170 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. once per month. You can also access the show if you do not have xm Radio, on the internet at for streaming live feeds, you can also listen to some of his older shows in the archives section.


March 3rd, 2005

We now offer Yoga classes every Tuesday and Thursday night at 6:30, call to reserve your spot.

Nutrition and Candida Classes

February 16th, 2004

Call and reserve your seat for Nutrition and Candida classes, look under our “Education” link for more information.

How is your PH?

February 16th, 2004

We now offer a variety of supplements as well as nutritional counseling to help balance your body’s PH with positive results, ask Brittany how you can do this.